The Game - How we Played to Save Our Planet

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There are Four Books in the Game Series. The God's Played Here is the first and Is available on line as an Ebook through   

The Three Other Books In The Game Series are:

 MOBILE TALES - Short Stories For Positive Change.  A collection of delightful tales about those you met in The Gods Played Here and others. 

THE GOSPELS ACCORDING TO REVEREND IKE. - You met him in the first two books and in this novel, Ike goes world wide with a web-full of information to help build a just and sustainable world. Time and space know no limits as we remake ourselves and out Planet, one neighborhood at a time.

DIFFERENT MINDS - The Celebration of the End of Our Species - Old Friends are back as we use the Different Minds of our Planet's last children to help humanity move on to Union. Special Bonus! Novella - Last Earth Boy that describes how we get there and what goes on the trip with us. 

To order the books in softcover or Ebook format got to : bookstore.xlibris.aspx?searchterm=Karen+Lamantia   OR

XLIBRIS. COM  for Book Orders and search there by Author - Karen LaMantia